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Fostering peaceful resistance against exclusion and injustice.

Real change is possible only with the involvement of the very people most affected by oppression. Ear to the Ground engages with Indigenous activists, elders, spiritual and community leaders, and policymakers to build community from within.

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END OF THE LINE Impact Campaign

Harnessing the transformative power of documentary film, END OF THE LINE: THE WOMEN OF STANDING ROCK was created as a convening tool to change minds, open hearts, and inspire social and policy change.


Driven by END OF THE LINE’s veteran human rights activists both in front of and behind the cameras, we aim to launch an impact campaign that uses cinematic learning experiences to catalyze a broad, intersectional network of solidarity.


Your donation will help us


  • Create educational resources for schools

  • Raise public awareness

  • Form strategic partnerships

  • Hold corporate film screenings

  • Create policy reform


Skirts and Shirts for Standing Rock

For Indigenous women across North America, the making and wearing of ribbon skirts is a sacred act. All but wiped out by colonization, this communal art form was resurrected during the #NoDAPL peaceful protests. 


Since 2017, we have proudly supported ribbon skirt workshops at Standing Rock Middle School. Now, many boys wish to learn how to make traditional ribbon shirts. Dozens of children are presently on the waitlist to receive supplies.


Your donation will help us


  • Purchase ribbons, fabric, and other materials

  • Purchase additional sewing machines

  • Provide honoraria to the elders providing instruction


Calling Back Our Womb

South Dakota’s maternal and infant mortality rates are among the highest in the US.


We proudly support the work of Hesapa Lakota Doula Collective, a grassroots movement to bring traditional birth sharing to the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota.


Your donation will help us


  • Create workshops for indigenous women to learn and share

  • Support single mothers and their newborns

  • Provide honoraria to the doulas providing instruction

Mujeres x Honduras.jpg

Mujeres x Honduras

Honduras has the highest femicide rate in the world at 10.4 murders per 100,000. 

The trauma from living in a constant state of fear has far-reaching effects, including the high proportion of Honduran women suffering from PTSD—for which there is presently no systematic treatment. 


We proudly support the work of Mujeres x Honduras, a grassroots movement to provide women with therapeutic tools to heal themselves, and thereby their communities.


Your donation will help us


  • Provide Indigenous- and women-led trauma treatment

  • Create PSAs on where to find help

  • Distribute materials that destigmatize therapy

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